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Over 3 million pieces of plastic removed through product purchases.


Check out this collection of eco-friendly accessories for all your furry friends. From bamboo bowls to organic catnip tins, FTO has them covered.

Wag Butters For Dogs - 2 Flavors


100% Natural Dog Shampoo Bar


Berta the Honey Bee and Sisters Cat Toys


Patterned Bamboo Cat Bowls - 4 Styles

Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag

Earth Friendly Pickup Bags

Bamboo Dog Bowls
Bamboo Dog Bowls

Patterned Bamboo Dog Bowls - 4 styles


Recycled Rough & Tough Dog Toys

Handmade Toy Ball For Cat

"Purple Rain" Cat Toys


Rainbow Kat the Caterpillar Eco Toy

Plush Toys For Cats

Wool Cat Toys - 4 Styles


Bamboo Dog Brush

Refillable Catnip Toys

Recycled Plastic Catnip Toys - 6 Styles

Organic Catnip Tea

Organic Catnip


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