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Over 4.5 million pieces of plastic removed from product purchases


Check out this collection of eco-friendly accessories for all your furry friends. From bamboo bowls to organic catnip tins, FTO has them covered.

Orange Dog Shampoo Bar

Bamboo Dog Bowls
Bamboo Dog Bowls

Patterned Bamboo Dog Bowls - 4 styles

Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag

Earth Friendly Pickup Bags


All Natural Dog Treats - 3 Flavors


Bamboo Cat Bowls - 2 Colors


Wool Cat Toys Infused with Catnip - 4 Styles

Plush Toys For Cats

Wool Cat Toys - 4 Styles

Organic Catnip Tea

Organic Catnip


Wag Butters For Dogs - 2 Flavors


100% Natural Dog Shampoo Bar


Recycled Rough & Tough Dog Toys


Patterned Bamboo Cat Bowls - 4 Styles

Handmade Toy Ball For Cat

"Purple Rain" Cat Toys

Refillable Catnip Toys

Recycled Plastic Catnip Toys - 6 Styles


Bamboo Dog Brush


Berta the Honey Bee and Sisters Cat Toys


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