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Haven’t used them yet but they look good

Can review after I’ve used them

Beautiful napkins

I got the winter greens napkins and they are really pretty. I love them for winter, they're seasonal without being holiday-ish, which can be hard to find.


Good strong aroma.

I like them.

I,of course, like that they are sustainable but they are also very soft and comfy plus they come in one of my favorite colors.

Coconut Dish Scour Pads
Sheryl Brown-Wools
Never received

Order never arrived

Never received

Order never arrived

Great sustainable alternative to plastic swabs!

I love these swabs; they are handy for the humans and canines in this house. And we love the sustainable aspect of the product.

Garden in a Bag - 11 Styles
Michele Winchilla
Bloomed then died

Bought sunflowers and wildflowers. The Sunflowers bloomed for awhile but eventually died. Same thing happened with the wildflowers. I took care of them according to the directions. I'm not sure what went wrong. Very disappointing

Shower Steamers
Shower steamer

I didn't realize it was just one piece. I will definitely use it, but I will probably break it in smaller pieces

At last

I’ve been looking for a biodegradable bag that fits into the kitchen garage bin. This one does just fine. Thanks.

Love the nice scent

The jar leaked in transport as it was upside down I. The box

Feel like I did a good thing for the ocean

Feeling good about helping the environment. I found the wrap difficult to handle and place where I wanted it to be.

Ziptuck Snack Bags

I purchased for my granddaughter. She loves them. Mom thinks they’re pretty great, as well.

Coconut Dish Scour Pads
Leanne Savelli
Feelin Good

It works great on all dishes after a few washes it may shed but I am okay with that going down the drain rather than microplastics. I like that it drains and dries very quickly does not get nasty or anything. I love coconuts and this is just a beautiful sustainable way to use them. Thank you FTO family 💗

Best laundry detergent I've used

Thank you for the innovative creation of these laundry strips that smell amazing!

Although I have not tried the cling wrap, I know your products are all wonderful and they help the planet. Keep on keeping on!

Eco-Strips Toilet Cleaner
Newsletter Subscriber

I tried these as I hate cleaning the toilet and the odors from other cleaners. This so easy and no odors from it at all! The best part is it did it’s job with little work! Try it.

A very satisfied customer

Definitely 5 stars !!!! The dryer balls are the cutest

Great dishes!!

I needed quiet dishes for a cat who only comes in at night and eats in my bathroom. Ceramic dishes are noisy and skid around a lot. These are great and environmentally friendly too. Win, Win!!

Love it

Love this brush and happy to help the environment

Pretty Good

These dish cloths met my expectations when it came to cleaning, but failed on appearance. They became dirty looking upon longer use and did not come as clean as I wanted when machine washed. I had one with the owl print and the blue started to come off and by the time I discarded the cloth the color had gone. However, the cat print didn't fade. I did order more because I like the way they soak up liquids.

A Far Better Choice!

I have Eco-Strips for some time now. My clothes are fresh and clean. No muss, no fuss and NO PLASTIC!
I love them and will continue using them! :)

Handmade Felt Ornaments
Sunne Wiginton
Felt ornaments

They are just adorable and very well made. My hubby collects owls and I just think sloths are too cute. I'll probably give the skating mouse to my grandson. Going to look great on the Christmas tree.

Great gift!

Looking forward to giving these to friends this Christmas. They are the perfect "small gift"!

Timely delivery and great packaging with detailed instructions