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Over 2.8 million pieces of plastic removed through product purchases.

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Nice but expensive

Very pretty and soft when wet.
However, I found out I can get a pack of 5 for much less in pretty colors at Trader Joe’s.
I suggest you lower your price to sell more.

Lavender Sachet
Ruth Rose
Authentic scent

The sachet has a well balanced lavender scent not at all cloying. A great product.

Bamboo & Corn Starch Toothbrush Holder

Penguins are adorable

Even though adorable they are great to use instead of fabric softener.

Swedish Dishcloths

I bought these in the cat design and love them! They will be stocking stuffers for my cat loving friends and I know they will really enjoy the usefulness as well as the cool design.

Eco-Strips Toilet Cleaner
Renella Kendall

I find these strips work as well as the leading liquid toilet bowl cleaner.

I also like the laundry strips.

Dish cloths

These are very strong for as this as they are, I really like them, have bought them awhile back, and today they are working as good as the day I bought them, I would highly recommend them, they are worth the money spent.

Coconut scrubbers

They work wonders, wish they were a little softer, but they really withstand what they are made for, would recommend.

Great idea for gifts!

I took advantage of the sale/clearance & bought these. Some will be gifts, but I wanted the milkweed for myself. The only problem is that I live in an apartment & I really hope I can plant this bag in planter(s)...that's the only reason why I didn't give these 5 stars.

Great for gifts!

I took advantage of the sale/clearance. Great for gifts!

Great for gifts!

I figured I'd take advantage of the sale/clearance & get these for gifts. They look so cute & easy to plant!

Soap Rest

I've used this for quite a while now, and when my bar of soap was ready to be replaced, all I had to do was soak this in hot water, and it was ready for the next bar. It never gets moldy and if one side gets too caked with soap, you can soak it, or turn it over - it still won't get moldy. Sooooo much better than the old-fashioned ones. Plus it keeps your soap dish from getting soap residue too.

Best Chocolate EVER

May be the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted. And Fair-Trade. THANKS FTO

Hair Ties

This work nicely and help reduce plastic pollution! I use many of your products and give them as gifts, as well. Thank you!

Surprised - it works

Mosquitos are new to LA, and nothing seemed to stop the bites (I won’t use DEET). I had no expectations that this would work, but I was wrong! I still wear long sleeves and pants, but if I rub a ring around my ankles, wrists and the base of my neck I get no bites! A pleasant scent as well


Although very small jar but the favor is delicious. Fresh y unusual. I will purchase again.

Bamboo & Corn Starch Soap Dish

A little rough around the edges

Tough little scrubbers. These will last quite a while where store bought land fill polluters last just a while. They are a bit prickly on the edges, but haven't cut me. I like them. Plus I help the planet

Great for fine/tiny loose tea

This is superb for roobius or other fine/delicate loose tea. Most tea strainers do not work, as the mesh or metal is not compressed enough to prevent loose tea particles/leaves from floating out.
This one is the best! Fits in most teacups or tea pots and easy to store.

Clothes are clean and smell great!

I have been using these for a few weeks and no complaints from the teenager or boyfriend. Both of whom have sweaty dirty clothes! They smell great and clean the clothes.

Saving the ocean one piece at a time

Plan to use laundry strips from now on along with other free the ocean products. Love the Coconut scrubs and the Swedish dish cloths. Also love dryer balls.

Stain Stick Works!

Have used it once with desired outcome - no more stain!

Purchase with a purpose

So glad I purchased the coconut scrubbers. They do not soften up like plastic scrubbers, took a bit of time getting used to that, but this product is another step towards not using plastic. Works better than plastic scrubbers too.

Thank you FTO

Second time buyer

This toothbrush is perfect. Soft bristles clean teeth , easy on the gums. A handle that is comfortable to use. Purchasing an eco friendly is an excellent way to shop.

These bags are excellent

I'm so glad I went to these compostable kitchen garbage bags. They are strong and fit perfectly in the garbage can. I have not had any problems with them and have even put them on automatic reorder. I also buy the compostable small bags which are used for my kitty litter cleaning.

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