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6 Top Benefits of Toilet Strips: Clean Your Toilet the Eco-Friendly Way

We understand that nobody enjoys cleaning the toilet, but the task is about to get a whole lot easier! Eco-friendly toilet strips aren’t just good for the planet, they also make your life more simple. While traditional toilet cleaning products blitz the area with harmful chemicals, these eco-friendly toilet strips give you the same results naturally.

What are eco-strips?

These cleaning strips (called eco-strips) come in compostable packaging and use the water you already have on hand. The toilet cleaner eco-strips are small blueish squares with a paper-like consistency that dissolve in water. 

If you’ve been looking for an eco-friendly way to clean your toilet, toilet strips are the answer. Here’s why:

1. Eco-Friendly

Using these toilet strips means you’re not buying and shipping heavy liquids all over the world – the toilet strips come in flat zero-waste compostable packaging, so you can compost or recycle the packaging without worry. Considering most toilet cleaners are heavy and made in non-recyclable plastic bottles, you can feel really good about your choice!

2. Less Mess

Buying traditional toilet cleaning products means you have to deal with a lot of liquids and plastic bottles that often leak or drip. That means not only do you have to clean the toilet, but you’re also cleaning the bottle and potentially any spills and measuring jugs, too. 

These strips are dry to the touch, so you can store them anywhere without worrying about leakage. When it’s time to clean the toilet, you simply rip off a strip and drop it in.

3. SO Easy!

Cleaning the toilet has never been easier than it is with eco-friendly toilet strips! All you need to do is drop a strip into the toilet bowl and leave it to dissolve for around 10 minutes. Once the water dissolves it, brush around the toilet including under the rim, and then flush. Voila! A beautifully clean toilet. With these toilet strips, there’s no measuring, messing around with plastic jugs, or cleaning up spills. 

4. Vegan

Uncomfortable thinking about products being tested on animals? So are we – these toilet strips are vegan, meaning they don’t contain any animal products nor have they been tested on animals. As with all other Free the Ocean products, they are cruelty-free.

5. Effective

One strip will clean away stains, even those that have been ignored for a little too long – they’re incredibly effective. Of course, if your toilet is already pretty clean and you don’t want to waste an entire strip on a routine clean, you can cut up the strip and use a half or a quarter to give your toilet a sparkle again in between deeper cleans.

6. Carbon Neutral

When you purchase eco-strips toilet cleaner through us, you can rest easy knowing our deliveries are carbon neutral. That means we offset any carbon produced while delivering your order elsewhere. Ordering from Free the Ocean also gives you a double-whammy of eco-friendly feel-good feelings because every purchase funds the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean.

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