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Gretchen Zeigler
Unbelievable (but believe it!)

I never thought it possible for a face cream to be so luxuriant AND not clog pores. This creamy, yummy cream soaks right in to my skin while also leaving the surface of my face like suede or velvet. Astonishingly, there is also a faint, crisp astringent "after-feel" which was the cherry on the top, the icing on the cake. I'm always skeptical about products that don't contain extra fragrances; as much as I love witch hazel, I admit to infusing it with clove or eucalyptus oil before first use. But this cream has a lovely faint floral scent; very nice. And I agree with everyone else: a little goes a long way and a jar will last a bit.

Amon Susan

I have tried countless face creams in my life (more than 7 decades). I wish I had found this sooner. It's lightweight and soothing, the application is very smooth. It doesn't clog pores like so many other brands do. No heavy scents either. I use it daily and a jar lasts a long long time. I highly recommend it. A+

Patricia Layden

Lovely scent, not too strong; great texture. A little goes a long way.

Pamela Spacek
Face Cream

Feels wonderful, goes on smoothly. Great product.

Elizabeth Sadler
I love this cream

It's gentle, moisturizing, and the scent is subtle. My absolute favorite.

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