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Over 4 million pieces of plastic removed from product purchases

Introducing Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Harmful Plastic Wrap

Since the 1930s, people worldwide have been using plastic wrap (also known as Saran wrap and cling film) to cover leftovers, pre-prepared meals, and more. It’s an incredibly useful way to cover food for later, just as sandwich bags are for traveling with food, but it can leach harmful chemicals into food and pollutes the planet with billions of pounds of single-use plastic. 

The problem is, up until recently, there hasn’t been a good eco-friendly alternative, and that means that most people haven’t adopted an alternative. Fortunately, there are now plastic-free and compostable cling wrap and sandwich bags that deliver the same experience without environmental harm. 

Read on to learn more about plastic-free cling wrap and sandwich bags and why they’re such revolutionary new options.

Why are sandwich bags and plastic wrap so bad for the planet?

Plastic wrap and sandwich bags are designed to be single-use, so it ends up in landfills which will eventually be burned, releasing harmful fumes into the atmosphere. Or, it can end up littering the landscape or in our oceans where animals, fish, and marine life can become caught up in it or eat it, mistaking it for food. 

The single-use plastic used to create cling wrap and sandwich bags cannot be recycled or repurposed, and it won’t break down for thousands of years.

What are the benefits of compostable plastic wrap and sandwich bags?

  • Use guilt-free: The biggest benefit is right there in the name – they’re plastic-free and compostable. That means that you can use them guilt-free, because not only will they protect your food, but they’ll break down completely when you throw them away.
  • Plant-based “plastic”: Our Compostable Cling Wraps and Compostable Sandwich Bags are great alternatives to your every day, non-compostable plastic cling wrap and sandwich bags. Both of these products are made using plant matter that can break down into water and carbon, meaning they won’t end up being burned in a landfill or outlive you by thousands of years. 
  • Just as easy and effective to use: Our cling wraps are designed to cling, stretch, and preserve your leftovers just like the unenvironmentally friendly cling film you’re familiar with. Our sandwich bags are resealable, leak-resistant, and fridge and freezer-safe so you can pack your favorite sandwich and happily carry it to work without fear of spillage!
  • Cost-effective: Our compostable sandwich bags and cling wrap rolls won’t break the bank, so you don’t have to choose between your budget and saving the planet!

Where can I buy compostable plastic wrap and compostable sandwich bags?

If you’re looking for ways to live with the planet in mind, we at Free The Ocean have some excellent options. Not only are all our products environmentally friendly, but each purchase of our Compostable Sandwich Bags and Compostable Cling Wrap (and anything else in our store!) will also fund the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean! 

You can click here to find our Compostable Sandwich Bags, here for our Compostable Cling Wrap, or here to view our full range of bestselling, planet-friendly products. From kitchen sponges and laundry detergent to dog treats and toothpaste, we’ve got so many options! So why not make the first (or next!) step and choose the Earth-friendly option for your food storage today?

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