Handmade Toy Ball For Cat

"Purple Rain" Cat Toys

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pieces of plastic!

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"Purple Rain" - Pack of 6 toy balls in 3 colors: 2 purple, 2 lilac, 2 fuchsia balls.

Every purchase of the "Purple Rain" cat toys funds the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean. 

  • Hand-made for fair wages by Nepalese women artisans with 100% cruelty-free New Zealand wool and colored with azo-free eco-friendly dye.
  • Hand felted with just warm water and vegetable soap and then sun-dried. No toxic dyes or fragrances added, ever.
  • 1.5" (4 cm) diameter balls, perfect size for your cat's mouth. Fun to bat and chase around.
  • Comes in a beautiful, gift-ready, signature organic cotton bag. Always fair trade, always hand-made, and hand-printed in Nepal. 

Customer Reviews

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Donna Muller
They’re Mine

The colors are so vibrant and saturated that I couldn’t bear to see them vanish on the 1st day. I live in a 350 yo house with too many places for disappearing. I tucked them in and around an art display and LOVE the color they add. They were the kitties’ Mom’s Day gift to ME!

Big Hit

I work with a rescue and our colors are purple. Not only do my cats love these, but the rescue cats do too. I try to get some a few times a year to add to our adoption bags. They are always a big hit with humans and cats.

kitties love 'em

the kitties love them. they knock them around until they lose them under something ... luckily there are six balls. i dole them out sparingly

Lalie Burns
Soft ball toys

I love my new toys, easy to get my claws into them and toss them about. Unfortunately my big sister tries to steal them (she’s a dog).


Dr. F Silva
Hit or miss with 2 out of 2 cats!

We like these. Out cats did too, at first. Now it is a hit or miss depending on their attitude that day, but that is cats. Spray with a bit of catnip or place in a container with catnip for a few hours to entice them and they're all over them again.