Reusable Coffee Filters
Reusable Coffee Filters
Reusable Coffee Filters
Reusable Coffee Filters
Reusable Coffee Filters
Reusable Coffee Filters

Reusable Coffee Filters

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Style Drip #4 Cone
pieces of plastic!

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Pack of 2 CoffeeSock filters - these filters are very durable and typically last a year or longer! A reusable alternative to throwaway paper filters and nylon sacks. 

The cotton absorbs some of the oils released from coffee beans yet lets acids pass through. The result is a clear, crisp, rich, and robust cup, without the paper taste and all the richness of French press without the heavy oiliness. 

Every purchase of the Reusable Coffee Filters funds the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean.

  • Easy cleanup - Just empty grounds, rinse, and hang to thoroughly dry.
  • Made from Organic Cotton - a responsibly produced, renewable resource
  • Dimensions: 8.75” W x 6.5” H
  • Drip #4: Machine Auto-Brew, 6-12 Cup
  • Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Better than expected

Surprised how well this cleans up and easy to use. Decent purchase all around. Feel good product

Mary W.
Reusable coffee filters.

These are fabulous! We grind whole bean flavored decaf every day and there is no difference noticeable —except for the lack of paper filters in the trash! I was concerned that the flavor would be “off” but it is not. GREAT product! Thanks!

Patti B.
These are a good find!

They are sturdy and we use them daily with no trouble. Recommend.

Hollis Helmeci
clothe filters

These are wonderful. I bought a second set because I somehow managed to lose one of the first set. I love these!

Suzanne Cloud
Coffee Anyone? Hold the Paper

I've only used it once but it worked fine. Great instructions. Nice to know it'll cut down on the paper filters I use. If it lasts as long as it should, It'll be a family fav.