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Over 4 million pieces of plastic removed from product purchases

How it Works

1 product purchased = 10 pieces of plastic removed. 


For every product purchased, Free the Ocean funds the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean and coastlines. We directly fund two amazing non-profits, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and Parley Global Cleanup Network, who are actively removing and repurposing plastic from the ocean. 

As of 3/22, thanks to purchases of FTO products, we've funded the removal of over 1,201,670 pieces of plastic.

*This number is updated monthly. 

About the groups: 

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii - 

SCH is an incredible grassroots non-profit organization run by a small, dedicated team on the island of O’ahu. They work tirelessly protecting treasured coastlines throughout the Hawaiian islands by removing plastic debris thousands of pounds at a time, getting the community involved, and educating the next generation on how to kokua (care for) our planet and create a more regenerative future. ⁠⁠
In addition to removing tons of plastic, they focus a lot of their energy coordinating educational programs, waste diversion services, public awareness campaigns, and helping others organize their own beach cleanups. The lessons we at FTO have learned from them have been invaluable and we are so honored to be in partnership with their organization! 

Parley Global Cleanup Network -

The Parley Global Cleanup Network works to protect marine environments from plastic pollution and other threats. Their cleanup collaborations remove plastic waste from beaches, remote islands, rivers, mangroves, and high seas, around the world. They respond to plastic emergencies, raise awareness, and develop and implement programs that can help end the cycle of pollution long-term.

A beach cleanup is a powerful tool for raising awareness, collecting data and removing immediate threats to sea life and human health. But to end marine plastic pollution for good, solutions are needed at the sources of pollution. Therefore, in addition to cleanups, plastic waste interception and recycling programs, initiatives of the Parley Global Cleanup Network aim to educate and empower communities and especially youth to participate in creating change.

Repurposing the plastic:

In addition to recycling, both groups create innovative ways to repurpose the plastic removed from the ocean and coastlines. For example:

SCH partners with environmentally conscious companies to reuse the plastic removed from the ocean and coastlines, turning the waste into recycled plastic products such as soap dispensers and skateboard decks.
Parley’s has created Ocean Plastic®, a range of premium materials made from intercepted and up-cycled ghost nets and marine plastic. Ocean Plastic® replaces virgin materials to make products for the sports and fashion industries – from sunglasses to shoes to soccer uniforms. Both groups also focus on educating and empowering communities in the movement to end marine plastic pollution.

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