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Organic UNpaper Towels
Organic UNpaper Towels
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Organic UNpaper Towels

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Never use a single-use paper towel again. Clean your home and wipe up unexpected messes with these absorbent and reusable towels. 

Every purchase of the Organic UNpaper Towels funds the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean. 

  • 10" x 12" un-paper towels made from 100% organic cotton. 6 towels per pack. 
  • Machine wash warm with like colors, tumble dry low. 
  • This product should last forever with proper care, but the fabric is 100% compostable. Once the cloth has broken down, pull the thread out of compost heap and find a nearby textile recycling or Terracycle bin to put thread in. 
  • Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Unpaper Towels

Fantastic, I love them. But make sure to was them before starting to use them, otherwise you may be disappointed.

new grandma
Grandboy coming!

With these little towel/washcloths am ready for a first visit from my year old grandson!! Thanks for helping me get all set up! They washed up very well and feel soft to touch.


Awesome product. I haven't used paper towels since buying them and take them to pinics. I also keep a set in my car to have on hand - I am obsessed!

Melissa Miller
Meh - not very absorbent

I got these to help keep me from using so many paper towels. I am disappointed because they are 1) not nearly as absorbent as a paper towel, which makes them much less useful with mopping up spills, and 2) much smaller than I expected, about an inch smaller than a paper towel, and two inches less than a standard washcloth. They also are much thinner than I anticipated. I will still keep them by my sink and make a concerted effort to use them, but unfortunately, they don't live up to their hype for me.

marti tillinger
love these!

super alternative to paper towels, & wash up great, to be used over & over!