Blue Ocean Dryer Balls

Blue Ocean Dryer Balls

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Ditch single-use dryer sheets for these cute Friendsheep Dryer Balls. They naturally soften and fluff your laundry, while reducing drying time by 20%! 

Every purchase of the Blue Ocean Dryer Balls funds the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean. 

  • 100% cruelty-free - Leaping Bunny Certified. 
  • Did you know that traditional dryer sheets coat your clothing with a chemical softener that ruins absorbency? These dryer balls reduce drying time, wrinkles, and static while softening clothes naturally!
  • Reusable for 1,000+ washes - each set will last for years.
  • Each set comes with a user manual that’s printed on recycled paper with vegetable ink. Sold in a pack of 6. 
  • Materials: 100% New Zealand wool, unbleached cotton.
  • The dryer balls and unbleached cotton drawstring bag is 100% backyard compostable.

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Blue ocean dryer balls

Haven’t used dryer sheets for 20 years as it irritated my skin. Glad to find an eco friendly version. Super cute design with thorough usage instructions. No skin irritation. Clothes are somewhat softer. Not sure if the drying time was reduced though as we didn’t use all 6 in the load to avoid colour transfer from the coloured dryer balls.

Cruelty free wool DOES EXIST, and sheep need shearing.

I'm right there with everyone who opposes inhumane treatment of sheep, but I also know there are sheep farmers who practice humane operations and that sheep need shearing or they get matted up and it hurts them. You just need to do your research to see if it's humanely sourced or not. These guys couldn't say they were humanely certified if they had not been, AND they mention they have been, and who certifies that. If you're concerned, look up that company.
Also, I haven't looked into wool in this manner, just regarding its treatment of animals, but somebody mentioned using cotton for these. The thing about cotton is it's the fiber that uses the most pesticides, so you always want to get organic! And other than cotton being environmentally horrific with chemicals, it also uses up the most water of any natural fiber, so even then it's not necessarily a greater replacement for wool, and it probably won't have the same effect in the dryer - which these replace nasty dryer sheets that are horrid, even to your family's health! And I'm also not sure about this, so again research before you purchase, but cotton might even be inhumanely harvested using slave labor.
So really, I applaud you for wanting to have a positive impact, but researching the item is the key! These sheep farmers go out of their way to use humane actions and be certified as such, which costs them more. The only people who are going to buy them are those concerned about humane treatments because the others want it cheaper. So feel good about supporting them! Otherwise there will only be inhumanely sourced wool, and people aren't likely to stop buying them. But more people going out of their way to buy humane will influence sheep farmers to ONLY practice humane treatments.

are these cruelty free?

I want to buy some dryer balls, but need some assurance the animals are being sheared with care and undue stress.

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for reaching out. Here is information on our dryer balls and how they are cruelty free: They are Leaping Bunny certified. They use organic wool from a consortium of family owned farms in New Zealand. Unlike in Australia and China, in New Zealand farmers operate under a range of regulations that ensure very high standards of environmental protection, sustainability, animal welfare and social responsibility. New Zealand's climate is mild and sheep graze free-range in open pasture all year round. There is no flystrike, and mulesing is not practiced. Livestock exportation from New Zealand is prohibited, and this prevents the practice of horror trips on cargo ships around the world. New Zealand also leads the world in shearing technique and ability. Sheep grow wool continuously and need to be sheared once a year to better allow lambing and avoid them becoming uncomfortable, stressed, and eventually ill. Highly skilled craftsmen ensure that shearing is quick and pain-free to cause minimal stress on the animal. Our farmers believe that well-treated sheep live a happier life and will grow better wool, so they make sure their flocks are well looked after.

A long reply, but I hope this information is helpful! Thank you for your support of Free the Ocean.


Great eco-friendly products!,

Wool isn't a cruelty-free product

I like the idea of not using dryer sheets, but I. Don't purchase products that are made from animal suffering