Plastic-Free Candles

Plastic-Free Candles

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Chemical-free and plastic-free candles! Now that's a reason to celebrate. 

Every purchase of Plastic-Free Candles funds the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean. 

  • All candles are infused with a blend of pure botanical and essential oils derived from plants, extracted by cold-pressing, steam, or vacuum distillation.
  • There are no phthalates, synthetic or artificial fragrances, chemicals, lead, or paraffin (petroleum)
  • The wax is 100% clean-burning palm wax, and wicks are pure cotton...because you breathe what you burn.
  • Large tin is an 8 oz. tin with lid, filled with a 6 oz. candle. Tin is 3" in diameter and 2" high. Burn time is up to 30 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Large Candle

I like that it’s ecologically good but there’s no noticeable scent.

Nice aroma

First time trying the candles. They have a nice aroma. Not to harsh like some scents.

Nice and Pure

I like the fact that these are made of pure ingredients and oils. I bought the small cinnamon and while the scent was pleasant I would have liked it to be a bit stronger. It was very mild and didn’t really scent very far in the room. Perhaps the large one would have been a better choice.

Winter Candles

The Noble Fir is a nice fresh, delicate smelling candle. Not harsh at all, nothing like the 'Pine Tree' air fresheners so often used in vehicles. This is a lovely, subtle Christmas fragrance. I have no issues with this candle unlike many scented candles which make me cough or give me a headache. Not sure if it will last the 30 hours but I would say at least 20 hours for sure. Very pleased with it.
Have yet to burn the Orange Clove Cinnamon but, a quick sniff of the tin assures me that it will be wonderful.

Love them!

So far I have tried the vanilla nutmeg and the orange clove cinnamon. They make the house smell warm and wonderful, with pure essential oils and not chemicals. I have not tried the fir scent yet, but have it on order. I hope that they also add additional scents in the future, as I am in love with these candles!