Free the Ocean

Dog Paw Salve


Protect your furry friend's paws with this healing Dog Salve!

This natural dog paw salve is formulated to moisturize, condition, and protect as well as provide soothing relief for sore, dry, or cracked paws. The dog-safe essential oils, antifungal and soothing Bergamot, and antibacterial, anti-itch Lavender provide an all natural healing salve for your canine friend.

Every purchase of this salve funds the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean and coastlines. 

  • The salve is safe for dogs to lick.
  • An alternative to salves made of synthetic ingredients and packaged in plastic containers.
  • Massage the salve onto your dog's paw pads to soothe and soften dry paws and other rough spots
*Removes 10 pieces of plastic

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