Stainless Steel Razor
Stainless Steel Razor
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Stainless Steel Razor

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Clean shave, cleaner oceans. 

This all-metal, double-edged safety razor is durable, attractive, and plastic-free! Appropriate for all your shaving needs (men and women, head to toe).

No matter what you are shaving, the double edge safety razor will leave your skin silky smooth, and guilt-free!

Every purchase of the Stainless Steel Razor funds the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean. 

  • Includes 10 free high-quality double-edged razor blades. 
  • This razor provides a very close shave! Use caution by executing short strokes, compared to the long strokes used with traditional razors. Very little pressure is needed to be applied to provide a super smooth shave.
  • Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Melissa Lally
NOT SAFE for people who shave their legs in the shower!

The handle is short and if you have normal sized hands, you can't get a good grip on it to shave your legs in the shower. I felt very fearful about this razor slipping out of my hands and cutting my skin while using it. Nice in theory but very dangerous! Needs a redesign.


Just what I was looking for

Stainless steel razor needs a longer handle

I love the razor but the handle needs to be a bit longer. It would be less awkward and easier to use. I'm very happy and will never go back to plastic !


I was scared to cut myself, the weight is obviously different, but this is SO easy to use. It comes in a nice bag and its easy to add/remove razors. This is the closest shave EVER. I don't use shaving cream just my Jason's Rosewater body wash which lathers really well. Really happy with this.

Erica Seelig
Fabulous, but be very careful!

Those old and PLASTIC "disposable" shavers never did a good job for me. I love that my new stainless steel shaver will last forever and the blades are recyclable where I live in "hazardous waste". My only issue with the shaver is that it doesn't screw down so the razor position is set fairly open. I cut myself several times at first and now use it very slowly and carefully. It's good for my attention to the moment!