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The Plastic Problem & Our Mission

The Plastic Problem 
Every year, 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean. That’s equivalent to one truckload dumped into the sea every minute of the day.
How did plastic become a problem? 

Globally, we produce a massive amount of plastic – over 380 million tons every year. It’s everywhere in our daily lives and we’ve become dependent on it. Half of all plastic produced is single-use – meaning it’s thrown away after just one use. Think bottles, bags, straws, cups and lids.

Used for just a few moments, but forever on the planet – all plastic that has ever been produced still exists today. We thought recycling was the answer but it’s not. It’s estimated that less than 8% of all plastic has been recycled!

Plastic by the numbers:

  • Millions of animals are killed by plastics every year, from birds to fish to other marine organisms.
  • Plastics have been consumed by land-based animals, including elephants, hyenas, zebras, tigers, camels, cattle, and other large mammals.
  • 90% of the water we drink and 33% of the fish we eat contains microplastics, leading to serious health problems.
  • We consume the equivalent (by weight) of a credit card’s worth of plastic every week. 
  • By 2050 scientists predict that the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish.

Our Mission:

One of the biggest impacts you can have is to reduce the amount of plastic you use in your daily life. For almost every plastic product you use, there's an eco-friendly alternative. 

Free the Ocean's plastic-free marketplace was designed to help you live more sustainably. It's your one stop shop for plastic free products that are good for You, the Ocean, and the Planet. 

The small changes we make in our daily lives truly add up. Individual action means collective impact. Thank you for being part of our community and for helping us make a difference on plastic pollution!